How Does a Clock-Hour School Report Term Begin and End Dates In Enrollment Reporting?

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This guidance is not award-year-specific and applies across award years.

According to Appendix A of the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide, Term Begin Date and Term End Date are optional fields that schools are not required to report.

Clock-hour programs are measured differently than programs which award credit hours. In credit-hour programs, the credits are earned upon successful completion of the course. In clock-hour programs, the clock hours are earned as each clock hour itself is completed. Keep in mind that even though the payment periods are initially scheduled for a student to complete 450 clock hours in 15 weeks of instructional time in the clock-hour program, students progress at different rates and they may not complete the first payment period as scheduled and subsequent disbursements for clock-hour programs may not align with a standard semester program's dates.

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