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Is Emergency Aid Received For a Summer 2024 Period Of Nonattendance Treated As Other Financial Assistance? (Award Year: 2024-25)

Can Schools Use a Negative Student Aid Index When Awarding FSEOG? (Award Year: 2024-25)

Can We Use the Federal Student Aid Estimator To Provide Aid Offers To Students? (Award Year: 2024-25)

Can We Award Or Increase a Federal Pell Grant For a Student Who Registers After the School's Census Date? (Award Year: 2024-25)

If a Student Enrolls After the Census Date, Can We Count the First Time He Enrolls As the Pell Recalculation Date and Award Pell Based On That Date? (Award Year: 2024-25)

Are Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program and National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program Stipends Treated As Other Financial Assistance? (Award Year: 2024-25)

If There Is a Period Between Receiving an ISIR and Awarding a Federal Pell Grant, What Day Do We Use For Enrollment Intensity? (Award Year: 2024-25)

How Does the Student Report Tuition Which Was Paid On Their Behalf From a Friend's Trust Fund? (Award Year: 2024-25)

How Does an Insurance Settlement Paid Toward Tuition and Fees Affect the Student's Eligibility? (Award Year: 2024-25)

If a Noncustodial Parent Contributes Money To the Student's Education, Is the Amount Untaxed Income? (Award Year: 2024-25)