Cost of Attendance

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Will We Have To Calculate the COA Using the Pell Enrollment Intensity Percentages? (Award Year: 2024-25)

Are We Required To Indicate a Professional Judgment Adjustment On the ISIR If We Adjust the Cost Of Attendance? (Award Year: 2024-25)

If All Charges Including Tuition, Books and Supplies for Incarcerated Individuals Are Waived Can the Student Still Receive Pell? (Award Year: 2023-24)

Can Schools Charge a Different Amount For a Prison Education Program and Traditional On-Campus Version Of the Same Program? (Award Year: 2023-24)

Does a School Have To Publish Its Cost Of Attendance On Its Website? (Award Year: 2023-24)

Is a Pell Grant Recalculation Required If a Student Begins Attendance In Some But Not All Classes? (Award Year: 2024-25)

Since We Cannot Prorate the SAI For Periods Other Than Nine Months, Must We Always Use a Nine-Month COA? (Award Year: 2024-25)

Will Housing Choice Be Included On the 2024-25 FAFSA? (Award Year: 2024-25)

Must We Use the Term "Living Expenses" Or "Housing and Food" When Referencing the COA? (Award Year: 2023-24)

Can a School Assume Housing Status When Packaging Students?