Prison Education Programs

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Is There a Fresh Start Fact Sheet For Confined or Incarcerated Individuals?

What Action Is Required When the Student Has Comment Code 405 Or 406 But May Have Been Incorrectly Identified As Incarcerated? (Award Year: 2023-24)

If All Charges Including Tuition, Books and Supplies for Incarcerated Individuals Are Waived Can the Student Still Receive Pell? (Award Year: 2023-24)

What Is the Financial Aid Office Required To Do When an Incarcerated Student's ISIR Is Not Flagged? (Award Year: 2023-24)

How Can We Assist Our Incarcerated Students If Their FSA IDs Have Been Disabled? (Award Year: 2023-24)

Are Incarcerated Students Required To Comply With a School’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies? (Award Year: 2023-24)

What Are the Requirements For a Financial Aid Office When a Student Is Released From Incarceration? (Award Year: 2023-24)

Can Individuals Enrolled In Prison Education Programs Receive Title IV Credit Balances? (Award Year: 2023-24)

Can Schools Offer Programs In Correctional Facilities That Are Not Eligible Prison Educational Programs?

How Should Schools Handle Documents From Correctional Facilities That Includes Sensitive Information About a Student? (Award Year: 2023-24)